VIO Systems Inc.

ESS 1000 Water Softener


  1. Solid-State Controls
    Solid-state electronics. Control regeneration frequency. Full menu-driven options.
    Automatic Bypass
  2. Multi-WrapTM Fiberglass Reinforced Resin Tank
    Underwriters Laboratories listed tank liner with a fiberglass wrapped exterior for strength. Doesn’t deteriorate, rust, or corrode.
    Six/Eight-Cycle Valve with Easy-Clamp Ring and Patented Teflon® Discs
  3. Choose Media for Cstom Application
  4. Positive Action Brine Valve

Snap-together construction eliminates use of solvents that may contaminate water. Positive action helps prevent overfilling.

24-Volt Transformer

Specifications: ESS 1000XR24 ESS 1000XR32
Supply Water Pressure Limits (psi) 20–125 20–125
Supply Water Temperature Limits (oF) 35-100 35-100
Service Flow Rate (gpm)1 8 9
Water Used Each Regeneration (gal.) 30 41
Salt Storage Capacity (lbs.) 300 300
Electrical Rating (transformer provided) 24V-50/60Hz 24V-50/60Hz
1Not ot exceed 15 psi Pressure Loss


Model ESS 1000XR24 ESS 1000XR32
Nominal Resin Tank Size 8″ Dia. x 40″ 10″ Dia. x 47″
A 41.6″ 49.8″
B 48.75″ 56.6″
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